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Department of Dentistry
Department of Dentistry
Taking proper care of your teeth and gums is a life long commitment. For that, regular visits to your dentist are necessary. The Dental Care Department boasts of all the subspecialties in Dentistry manned by more that one doctor. It is one of the largest, most modern dental clinics in the Northern Emirates.
a. General Dentistry
This branch of Dentistry deals with basic oral hygiene, teeth cleaning and gum care.
The services of this dept.  include,
i. Cleaning of teeth (Scaling)
ii. Whitening of teeth (Bleaching)
iii. Filling of decayed teeth (tooth coloured, silver coloured)
iv. Replacement of missing teeth (temporary)
v. Replacement of old fillings and fractured fillings
Department of Orthodontics (Braces and treatment of Irregular Teeth)
We Use the latest and highly refined techniques for orthodontic corrections. Maximum results are achieved using  micro implants for anchorage. Also treatment results are forecast using Dolphin Imaging Software with treatment simulation. The Department boasts of world class retention protocol using invisible retainers.
The services available are :
i. Correction of irregular (crooked) teeth   ii. Closure of spacing (gaps) between teeth
iii. Correction of jaw size discrepancies   iv. Guidance and control of jaw bone  growth
v. Guidance of tooth eruption   vi. Guided eruption of impacted teeth
vii. Aesthetic treatment with high quality finishing   ix. Smile designing and facial profile correction
viii. Self ligating bracket systems for biological and mechanical efficiency in tooth  correction
Department of Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
The treatment of the infected nerve in the affected teeth and repair of seriously decayed or broken teeth is done here.
i. Treatment of decayed teeth with pain (Root Canal)
ii. Post RCT filling - post and core restorations
iii. Treatment of discolored and disfigured teeth
iv. Treatment of fractured teeth.
v. Cosmetic reshaping and beautification of teeth - Smile Clinic
vi. Full mouth rehabilitation
d. Department of Paedodontics (Children's Dentistry)
i. Infant oral health exams - which include risk assessment for caries in mother and child
ii. Preventive Dental Care - cleaning and fluoride treatment as well as nutrition and diet recommendation.
iii. Fluoride application to prevent dental decay
iv. Habit Counselling - in the case of pacifier use and thumb sucking
v. Early diagnosis and treatment for problematic teeth eruption, straightening teeth and correcting improper bite (orthodontics)
vi. Repair of tooth caries or defects in infants
vii. Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases such as diabetes, congenital heart defects, asthma, hay fever, attention       deficit, hyperactivity disorders.
viii. Management of gum diseases and conditions including ulcers, mucoceles  and paediatric periodontal disease.
ix. Care for dental injuries for fractured, displaced or knocked out teeth.
e. Department of Prosthodontics (Artificial Teeth and Implants)
i. Replacement of missing teeth
ii. Fixed bridges
iii. Removable dentures
iv. Complete dentures
v. Implant supported dentures
vi. Dental implant therapy
vii. Full mouth rehabilitation
f. Department of Oral Surgery
    In this dept. minor surgical procedures of mouth and teeth are taken care of.
i. Treatment of painful & wrongly positioned wisdom teeth
ii. Removal of badly broken and painful teeth
iii. Treatment of swellings in the jaws
iv. Treatment of TMJ problems (mouth opening)
v. Pain in opening mouth
vi. Clicking sound in the joints while opening mouth
vii. Unable to open mouth fully
viii. Dental Implants
g. Department of Periodontics (Treatment of Gum Diseases)
i. Treatment of persistently bleeding gums
ii. Treatment of loose teeth (mobility)
iii. Treatment of receding gums
iv. Treatment of teeth hypersensitivity
v. Cosmetic treatment of black (dark) gums
vi. Cosmetic treatment for gummy smile
vii. Implant surgery
viii. Treatment of peri-implantitis
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